We Got the Beat
The Go-Go's
Beauty and the Beat
Beauty and the Beat
Supervision Recommended
Released 1981
Genre Pop-Rock
Language English
Source Rock Band 2
also on iPhone OS
also in Mobile version
Available September 14, 2008
Playable in
Rock Band 2
Rock Band 3
Rock Band Blitz
Rock Band iPhone
Band 1FcircleUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce
Basic Pro
Guitar 0UFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce 0UFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce
Bass 3FcircleFcircleFcircleUFCirlceUFCirlce 3FcircleFcircleFcircleUFCirlceUFCirlce
Drums 3FcircleFcircleFcircleUFCirlceUFCirlce 3FcircleFcircleFcircleUFCirlceUFCirlce
Keys NoNo Part NoNo Part
Vocals 1FcircleUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce 1FcircleUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce
Difficulty (on iPhone OS)
Band 1FcircleUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce
Guitar 0UFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce
Bass 3FcircleFcircleFcircleUFCirlceUFCirlce
Drums 3FcircleFcircleFcircleUFCirlceUFCirlce
Vocals 1FcircleUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce
Female singer
Drum Solo
Vocal Tambourine
3-part Harmonies

"We Got the Beat" is a song by The Go-Go's who write their own songs, and along with The Bangles and The Dixie Chicks, are one of the most successful all-girl bands to do so. This song was written by lead guitarist Charlotte Caffey. Jane Wiedlin, the Go-Go's rhythm guitarist who often wrote with Caffey, says: "Charlotte wrote it, but she tells me that it was late at night, she was watching The Twilight Zone, and it just came to her. And she had been thinking about the song "Going To A Go-Go" and how much she liked those great Motown beats and everything."

An early version of this song was released as The Go-Go's first single in May, 1980. It came out in England on Stiff Records, which was home to The Specials and Madness, both groups The Go-Go's toured with in England. In America, the group was signed to IRS Records by Miles Copeland, who managed The Police. In the US, "Our Lips Are Sealed" was their first single, followed by a new version of "We Got The Beat" in January, 1982. This release was The Go-Go's biggest hit, spending 3 weeks at #2 behind Joan Jett's "I Love Rock And Roll" on the US charts.

This was used in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.



Rock Band 2 We Got the Beat full expert band 5G*

Rock Band 2 We Got the Beat full expert band 5G*

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