The Boys Are Back In Town
Thin Lizzy
Still Dangerous - Live At the Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977
Still Dangerous - Live At the Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977
Supervision Recommended
Released 1977
Genre Classic Rock
Language English
Source Downloadable song
also in Unplugged
Playable in
Rock Band
Rock Band 2
Rock Band 3
Rock Band Blitz
Band 5FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleFcircle
Basic Pro
Guitar 5FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleFcircle NoNo Part
Bass 4FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleUFCirlce NoNo Part
Drums 4FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleUFCirlce 4FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleUFCirlce
Keys NoNo Part NoNo Part
Vocals 1FcircleUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce 1FcircleUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce
Male singer
Guitar Solo
Vocal Tambourine
3-part Harmonies

"The Boys Are Back In Town (Live)" is a song by Thin Lizzy which was inspired by Thin Lizzy's fans. The group wrote it after noticing that their shows were full of working-class guys looking to get out and have some fun. Their fans also had a tendency to drink heavily.

This gave Thin Lizzy worldwide exposure. They were popular in their native Ireland, but unknown elsewhere until this came out.

This was Thin Lizzy's only Top-40 hit in the US, but they had several other hits in the UK.

Everclear covered this for the 1999 film Detroit Rock City. Their version was later used in the movie A Knight's Tale. (thanks, Tom - Trowbridge, England)

This was used in commercials for Wrangler. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)

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