The Solo Tour mode lets you play songs without the hassle of the other instruments. The Solo Tour also grades your score by stars. The more stars you get, the better you do. Practice helps to raise the number of stars. One star means you do extremely horrible. It is harder to get one star than getting Golden Stars. Two stars also means you do very bad, but you did better than one star. Three stars is the usual lowest you can get without failing. Four stars means you did OK, but not Five-Star-Good. Five stars means you did really good. Many people believe five stars is the best you can get, but the best you can get are Golden Stars. Golden Stars mean that you played nearly perfect, and/or got a very good score. The score is what gets you stars. The higher the score, the more stars you get. In the Solo Tour mode, the songs are organized by tiers, with each tier performed in a certain city. There are five songs in each tier, except for the special ones. The special tiers are the ones with the Bonus Songs, and the Downloadable Songs, which are available in X-Box Live.

You can't earn fans on this game mode (You will have to go to Band World Tour). You can use money on clothing, new instruments, tattoos, new hair, and accessories. When you get bigger so does your stage. The bonus tour is for downloadable content for only online users on x-box 360 or ps3.

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