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Snow ((Hey Oh))
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stadium Arcadium.png
Stadium Arcadium
Year 2006
Genre Rock
Language English
Source Rock Band Track Pack Vol. 2
Release 18 November 2008
Rating RaitingSR.png Supervision Recomm.
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Band 2Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png
Basic Pro
Guitar 5Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.png NoNo Part
Bass 3Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png NoNo Part
Drums 4Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.png 4Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.png
Keys NoNo Part NoNo Part
Vocals 0UFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png 0UFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png
Male singer
3-part harmonies

Snow (Hey Oh) is a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was released as a Rock Band downloadable single on July 8, 2008. It also appears in Rock Band Track Pack Vol. 2. As of September 30, 2013, this song is no longer available for purchase in the Rock Band Music Store, but it is still playable in Rock Band Track Pack Vol. 2.

This song is about cocaine and China White heroin, 2 of lead singer Anthony Kiedis' drugs of choice. Both are a white powdery substance, which looks like snow. The lyrics, "So white as snow... Privately divided by a world so undecided" refer to dividing the coke/heroin into lines, so as to deal them or snort them. The line, "The more I see, the less I know, the more I'd like to let it go" means the deeper Kiedis was immersed in these drugs, the less he knew what was going on, and the more he wanted to kick the habit. (Thanks, Ethan - Mt. Pleasant, SC)

Anthony Kiedis: "It's about the repeated failure to start your life anew and how difficult it can be to get rid of old ways of thinking, and destructive ideas we become so attached to."