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See You Again
Miley Cyrus
Meet Miley Cyrus.png
Meet Miley Cyrus
Year 2007
Genre Pop-Rock
Language English
Length 3:12
Source Downloadable song
Release June 22, 2010
Rating RaitingFF.png Family Friendly
Rock Band
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Lego Rock Band
Band 1Fcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png
Basic Pro
Guitar 2Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png NoNo Part
Bass 0UFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png NoNo Part
Drums 3Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png 3Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png
Keys NoNo Part NoNo Part
Vocals 2Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png 2Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png
Female singer
3-part harmonies

"See You Again" is a song by Miley Cyrus which samples the 1984 Corey Hart track "Sunglasses At Night."

In this song, Cyrus is looking forward to seeing a guy she really likes. She got chocked up the last time they saw each other, and wants another shot.

Cyrus wrote this song along with songwriters Antonina Armato and Tim James. Armato also co-wrote the 1988 Brenda K. Starr hit "I Still Believe;" Tim James' credits include "All This Time" by Tiffany and "Potential Breakup Song" by Aly & AJ.

Cyrus sings about her "Best friend Lesley" in this song. According to Entertainment Weekly (January 18, 2008), this is Lesley Patterson, who Cyrus met when they were 6-year-old cheerleaders in Tennessee. Lesley is not the girl appearing in leaked photos with Cyrus around the time this song was released.


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