The new keyboard controller for Rock Band 3 is a fully-functional MIDI keyboard with 25 keys, and can be used either horizontally or worn as a keytar, with an effects touchpad in the "arm" of the unit. In normal play, players simply strike any key within the marked colored sections when indicated on-screen, while Pro mode requires precise fingering of each key. Range: C3 - C5

The Rock Band Keyboard is the new controller that MadCatz will also produce for Rock Band 3, and other games released after Rock Band 3. The keyboard features 25 full-sized keys, and is MIDI compatible, allowing it to be used outside the game, and Ranges from C3 – C5.

The controller resembles a keytar with a handle to one side and the ability to attach a guitar strap to wear the unit. Optionally, the unit can be placed on a horizontal surface

Notes[edit | edit source]

Pro mode[edit | edit source]

Red B#2/C3 - E3/Fb3
Yellow E#3/F3 - B3/Cb4
Blue B#3/C4 - E4/Fb4
Green E#4/F4 - B4/Cb5
Orange B#4/C5

Normal mode[edit | edit source]

Green B#3/C4
Red D4
Yellow E4/Fb4
Blue E#4/F4
Orange G4

Video[edit | edit source]


How to Use the New Keyboard for Rock Band 3

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