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Rock Band Drum Set

The Rock Band Drum Set is a drum set controller with of four colored drum pads and a kick pedal.


From left to right the colors of the drum pads are:

  • Red, (Snare Drum)
  • Yellow, (Hi-Hat)
  • Blue, (Tom-Tom)
  • Green (Crash Cymbols).
  • The kick pedal is colored orange (Bass Drum).

In game, the red pad most often represents a snare drum.

Lefty Flip

The only exceptions are on lefty flip and in a few songs that place

  • red as the hi-hat.
  • Yellow is primarily the hi-hat although in fills it becomes a tom.
  • Blue often alternates between ride cymbal and tom drum function.
  • Green is almost always used as a crash cymbal, but it can also be used as a floor tom on rare occasions.

Lefty flip causes the drum track to be reversed. A red note for a right-handed drummer would become a green note on lefty flip. On the track, the four drum pads appear colinear in the order that they appear on the drum set. Kick drum notes appear as horizontal orange lines. The height of the drum pads can be adjusted up to 27" above the ground and down to 18". The kick drum pedal can be placed anywhere on one of the horizontal beams of the drum set base. A common problem with the kick drum pedal is that it will, more than likely, eventually break.

Pro Mode

Pro mode for drums is introduced in Rock Band 3, requiring players to equip the existing drum set with up to three cymbal units. The game will mark cymbal notes as circles instead of the regular square drum pad notes, and the drum player will be required to hit the cymbals instead for these notes when they occur.

  • Red: Snare
  • Yellow: Tom-tom *Hi hat
  • Blue: Tom-tom *Splash cymbal
  • Green: Floor tom *Crash cymbal
  • Orange: Bass drum

(*) means cymbal pads in pro mode