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Rock Band 4 is a video game developed by Harmonix Music Systems.[1] It was released on the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game includes more than sixty licensed songs, with more songs to become available later as downloadable content. Rock Band 4 released on October 6th, 2015.


Harmonix has promised compatibility with the over 2000 existing songs that were released as downloadable content for prior installments, along with backwards compatibility with guitar and drum controllers designed for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, although new PS4 and Xbox One-specific hardware was bundled with the game. Harmonix has confirmed the keyboard will not be returning in Rock Band 4. While the controllers were originally produced by MadCatz, they were replaced with Performance Designed Products by the end of 2016 due to MadCatz filing for bankruptcy.

Newly introduced are "Freestyle" solos for guitars. When this optional feature is enabled, instead of the predefined notes in the solo, the game will show suggestions for the solo style to emulate at that time, such as single notes, licks, chords, or tremolos, using different patterns to highly the guitar player's on-screen track. The track markings can also indicate which set of fret keys on the instrument control to use, which determine the pitch of the notes. Players cannot fail these freestyle sections, but they are scored on how well they hit the suggested style during the solo. Audio feedback from these solos have been refined to make whatever the player plays consistent and in-tune with the other active backing instruments.

Drum players will be able to count down to the start of the song as often done by real-life bands. Rock Band 4 will also change how the drummer will trigger overdrive. Rock Band 4 will present one of a random number of pre-created drum fills that fit the timing of the song when the drummer player has Overdrive available. This feature will be backwards compatible with all previous songs in the Rock Band library.

Vocal players will be able to use two-part or three-part harmonies as previously used in The Beatles: Rock Band and Rock Band 3. Existing Rock Band songs that feature vocal harmonies but originally released for the series without harmony support will be updated to include harmonies for free.

Harmonix has confirmed that the game did not ship with online play, stating that only about 10% of surveyed fans utilized the feature, and how it was 'expensive' produce. Later on, Harmonix released Rock Band Rivals, an update which adds many new online related features.


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