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Released shortly before the release of Rock Band 2, the Disc Export was added by patch to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Rock Band 1. It allows users to create song files out of all but four of the Rock Band 1 songs, allowing them to be played in any future Rock Band titles that support DLC, including Rock Band 2.

Songs Not Exportable

How To Export

Xbox 360

Sign in to Xbox Live, and head to the Options menu in Rock Band 1. Select the Export option and the system will walk you through the process, which includes purchasing the 400 Microsoft Point ($5USD) Export Key. After the export is complete, the song files appear in the Rock Band section of your console's memory, and individual songs may be deleted at will.

PlayStation 3

The process is almost the same as for the Xbox, but PlayStation users must download the Export Key from the Online Store before starting up the game. It can be found in Game Add-Ons under Rock Band and costs $4.99USD. Individual songs cannot be deleted except in Rock Band 3.