Rize of the Fenix is a song by Tenacious D. It was released as a Rock Band 3 DLC single on February 17, 2015.

Rize of the Fenix
Tenacious D
Rize of the Fenix
Rize of the Fenix
Supervision Recommended
Released 2012
Genre Rock
Language English
Length 5:58
Source Downloadable song
Playable in
Rock Band 3
Rock Band Blitz
Band 5FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleFcircle
Basic Pro
Guitar 4FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleUFCirlce NoNo Part
Bass 4FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleUFCirlce NoNo Part
Drums redReddevilReddevilReddevilReddevilReddevil redReddevilReddevilReddevilReddevilReddevil
Keys NoNo Part NoNo Part
Vocals 5FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleFcircle 5FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleFcircle
Male singer
Guitar Solo
Drum Solo
3-part Harmonies
Big Rock Ending

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