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Live Forever
Definitely Maybe.png
Definitely Maybe
Year 1994
Genre Rock
Language English
Source Rock Band Track Pack Vol. 1
Release 15 July 2008
Rating RaitingFF.png Family Friendly
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Male singer
2-part harmonies

Live Forever is a song by Oasis.

Noel Gallagher started writing this when he was a roadie for The Inspiral Carpets. It helped convince his brother Liam to let him join his band, Oasis.

The melody is based on The Rolling Stones' "Shine A Light" from Exile On Main Street. The part Noel took was from the chorus: "May the good Lord Shine a Light on you." Noel wrote it in his flat in Manchester using the melody from the song. He took it to the band and they rehearsed it once and played it that night at a gig. (thanks, Nick - Southampton, England)

This is one of the most enduring songs in England, but it was never a hit in America.

The lyrics are partly a tribute to Gallagher's mother. She was an avid gardener, and her garden is mentioned in the song.

Some of the video was shot in New York's Central Park.

This was voted Oasis's best song on the band's official website. (thanks, Adam - Dewsbury, England)

On the cover of the CD single is John Lennon's childhood home, 251 Menlove Avenue. It was bought by Yoko Ono who donated it to the National Trust. (thanks, connagh - london, England)

According to Q magazine, the opening couplet, "Maybe I don't really want to know/ How your garden grows" was inspired by Gallagher's childhood memories of waiting around, bored, on his parents' allotment.

Liam Gallagher told Q magazine October 2008 that this is his favorite Oasis song. He explained: "I think the words still mean something powerful. You talk about Oasis capturing a spirit, and I think that song is how a lot of people feel when they're down on their luck. I think I first heard it in the Boardwalk in Manchester when our kid (Noel Gallagher) was trying it out. Even when we're starting it now I always feel like we're going to perform our best version of it. It makes me think of me mam. And it's the song that makes me feel I have the best job in the band. I may not have written it but I get to sing it. It's weird cos it's outlasted other tunes."