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Lego Rock Band is a music video game and part of the Rock Band series developed by Harmonix Music Systems, but also incorporates elements from other Lego video games as developed by Traveller's Tales. The game was initially released on November 3, 2009 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Nintendo DS. The game was distributed by MTV Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The Nintendo DS version was developed in conjunction with Backbone Entertainment.

The game, as with other games in the Rock Band series, will allow up to four players to use instrument controllers to play lead and bass guitar, drums, and vocals on a number of rock music songs. In addition, aspects of building with Lego bricks as seen in Classic and Modern LEGO Video Games are incorporated into the game, allowing players to customize their avatars and other band assistances, and include additional Lego-themed gameplay modes. The gameplay and the game's soundtrack have been selected to create a "family-friendly" game.


Industry rumors circulated in early 2009 of the game's existence[1] and appeared to be true when mention of the game was shown in a slide (that was later removed) in Harmonix's Dan Teasdale's presentation at the 2009 Game Developers Conference.[2] The game was announced officially on April 21, 2009.[3] Despite skepticism for the viability of the game,[4][5] the game is stated to combine "two compelling properties" by Traveller's Tales managing director Tom Stone, and has been called "a social game experience that crosses every generation and every genre of rock" by MTV Games senior vice president Bob Picunko.[6]

Iggy Pop both voiced the in-game tutorials for the game and lent his trademark shirtless likeness to a Lego avatar for the game.[7] This marks the first appearance of a musician in a Rock Band title, not counting The Beatles: Rock Band. In addition to Iggy Pop, other musicians also appear in Lego form in the game, being unlocked for selection or customization after playing their respective songs:

  • David Bowie
  • Queen
    • Freddie Mercury
    • Brian May
    • John Deacon
    • Roger Taylor
  • Blur
    • Damon Albarn
    • Graham Coxon
    • Alex James
    • Dave Rowntree
  • Spinal Tap (exclusive to console versions)
    • David St. Hubbins
    • Nigel Tufnel
    • Derek Smalls


Console version

The music portions of the game will remain the same as the Rock Band series, though easier skill levels will be provided for "budding musicians".[8] Only slight changes in the game's main interface have been made, most notably that notes are represented by colored Lego bricks.[9] Successfully completing songs will earn the players Lego studs which they may use to build and customize their Lego-style avatars, staff, vehicles, and their "rock den".[3][8] There will also be Lego-themed challenges such as demolishing buildings by successfully playing songs.[8]

All existing music game controllers will work with Lego Rock Band.[3]

DS version

The Nintendo DS version of the game is stated to play similar to Rock Band Unplugged, in which the player switches back and forth between the various instruments, trying to keep the entire band playing. The game only utilizes the touchpad and stylus and would not include additional peripherals that was used for Guitar Hero On Tour.[10]


Control Action
Left dpad Red note
Up dpad Yellow note
X button Green note
A button Blue note


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Rock Band Original

These are for characters not based on real bands which guest star in this game.

Image Name
Minifigg-lrb.png Mini Figg
Melodie-lrb.png Mel Odie
Mistystage-lrb.png Misty Stage
Lovenote-lrb.png Love Note
Deefender-lrb.png Dee Fender
Skyehigh-lrb.png Skye High
Nickybrick-lrb.png Nicky Brick
Anacoustic-lrb.png Ana Coustic
Terramin-lrb.png Terra Min
Roxygently-lrb.png Roxy Gently
Tinaspirit-lrb.png Tina Spirit
Wammiebarr-lrb.png Wammie Barr
Tommylerock-lrb.png Tommy LeRock
Chuckamps-lrb.png Chuck Amps
Robhearts-lrb.png Rob Hearts
Mikereverb-lrb.png Mike Reverb
Biggruckus-lrb.png Bigg Ruckus
Heathermoonbeam-lrb.png Heather Moonbeam
Buzzsaw-lrb.png Buzzsaw
Sharley-lrb.png Sharkey
Moosejaw-lrb.png Moosejaw Boudreau
Nickyoverdrive-lrb.png Nicky Overdrive
Pennytwilight-lrb.png Penny Twilight
Meganscott-lrb.png Megan Scott
Gracewilliams-lrb.png Grace Williams
Mekongemini-lrb.png Mekon Gemini
Frizikoelopoulos-lrb.png Fritzi Kostopoulos
Dukeofgravity-lrb.png The Duke of Gravity
Quentinlance-lrb.png Quentin Lance
Maynardwinter-lrb.png Maynard Winter
Sirthomas-lrb.png Sir Thomas
Olsmokey-lrb.png Ol' Smokey
Dorasullivan-lrb.png Dora Sullivan
Penelopemcqueen-lrb.png Penelope McQueen
Mothershipq-lrb.png Mothership Q
Earlstephensjr-lrb.png Earl Stephens, Jr.

Guest Stars

Below are guest stars which are real bands in mini-figure form.

Image Name Band Notes
Iggy Pop
David Bowie N/A
Freddie Mercury Queen
Brian May Queen
John Deacon Queen
Roger Taylor Queen
Damon Albarn Blur
Graham Coxon Blur
Alex James Blur
Dave Rowntree Blur
David St. Hubbins Spinal Tap Exclusive to console versions
Nigel Tufnel Spinal Tap Exclusive to console versions
Derek Smalls Spinal Tap Exclusive to console versions




A very helpful FAQ guide by Rock Band Forum member "Sayburr" [1]

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