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Guitar is a playable part for the Rock Band series, and the player can play either the bass or guitar.

Rock Band 3 introduces a Pro mode for both guitar and bass players where players are required to finger specific strings and frets instead of just colored buttons. Completely new guitar controllers are being developed specifically for this mode. Two official controllers have been announced for Rock Band, a MadCatz version of the Fender Mustang that features 6 buttons on each 17 frets, and Fender has produced an authentic Squier Stratocaster unit, complete with strings and 22 frets, that is able to sense the player's fingers on the strings. Both of these instruments are compatible with the game's "Pro mode" allowing for accurate fingering while playing and the potential for the game to be an effective learning tool for a true guitar. Of the two Pro guitar units, only the MadCatz Mustang model will be capable of playing "legacy" (5-lane) guitar or bass charts. The Mustang was the first available unit, with the Squier becoming available in March 2011.

Pro mode strings


  1. Red: E2/Fb2
  2. Green: A2
  3. Orange: D3
  4. Blue: G3
  5. Yellow: B3/Cb4
  6. Purple: E4/Fb4

6 string bass

  1. Red: B0/Cb1
  2. Green: E1/Fb1
  3. Orange: A1
  4. Blue: D2
  5. Yellow: G2
  6. Purple: B#2/C3

List of Guitars/Basses


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