"Foo Fighters" are an American rock band led by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. After Kurt Cobain died, he switched to guitar and formed the Foo Fighters.

Foo Fighters are among the bands that contribute the most to the Rock Band series; they have 29 songs total in the accumulated library, including "Learn to Fly" from the first game, "Everlong" from Rock Band 2 and "Breakout" from LEGO Rock Band, plus the remaining tracks of their second album, The Colour and the Shape.

Many bands have a "rider," which demands certain items backstage. At various times, the Foo Fighters rider has stated that they will not share a dressing room with anyone except "Supergrass, Oasis, or maybe Led Zeppelin," and that the cheese on the hospitality tray not be sweaty. They have also been known to request a rare Chinese drink that is made out of Bull Sperm, and insist on vegetarian soups because "Meaty soups make roadies fart." (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)

  • Grohl takes on a lot of side projects. He played drums for the band Queens Of The Stone Age and fronted the death-metal group Probot.
  • Their first album was a solo project for Dave Grohl because he didn't have a band yet.
  • Taylor Hawkins was part of the backing band for Alanis Morissette before he joined the Foo Fighters. (thanks, Casey Baker - Austin, TX, for above 2)
  • Grohl often chews gums before and during their sets. It keeps his mouth from getting dry.
  • The bands debut album was written and recorded almost entirely by Grohl. He wrote just about all of the songs while he was still the drummer for Nirvana. (thanks, Mark - Chicago, IL)
  • Their original second guitarist Pat Smear was also the second guitarist for Nirvana when they toured for In Utero. (thanks, Justin - Rochester, England)

Band members Edit

  • Dave Grohl: vocals, guitar
  • Chris Shiflett: guitar
  • Nate Mendel: bass
  • Taylor Hawkins: drums
  • Pat Smear: guitar

Discography Edit

Studio albumsEdit

  • Foo Fighters (1995)
    • As mentioned, Grohl wrote and recorded this album all by himself, except for a guitar part in "X-Static", played by Afghan Whigs guitarist Greg Dulli.
    • The album took only one week to be recorded.
    • "This Is a Call", from the Foo Fighters 01 pack, and "I'll Stick Around", included in the Foo Fighters 02 pack, are from this album.
  • The Colour and the Shape (1997)
    • First album with Foo Fighters as a full-fledged band.
    • After "Everlong" was featured in Rock Band 2, the remainder of the album was released in the Music Store.
  • There Is Nothing Left to Lose (1999)
    • First album with Taylor Hawkins on drums, replacing William Goldsmith.
    • Chris Shiflett joined the band during the tour for this album, while previous guitarist Franz Stahl was kicked out prior to recording due to his erratic behavior.
    • Winner of the 2000 Grammy for Best Rock Album.
    • "Learn to Fly" (Rock Band), "Breakout" (LEGO Rock Band) and "Stacked Actors" came out in this album.
  • One by One (2002)
    • First album recorded with Chris Shiflett in the band.
    • Grohl's former Nirvana bandmate, Krist Novoselic, plays bass on the bonus track "Walking a Line".
    • Queen guitarist Brian May guests in the track "Tired of You".
    • Songs from this album in the Rock Band series: "Times Like These", "All My Life" and "Lonely as You"
    • Winner of the 2003 Grammy for Best Rock Album.
  • In Your Honor (2005)
    • Double album: disc one contains the usual abrasive songs by which the band became famous, while disc two is a compendium of acoustic tracks.
    • Was nominated for the 2006 Grammy for Best Rock Album and Best Surround Sound Album, but won none.
    • Disc two contains a variety of well-known guest musicians, like Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age frontman and Grohl's bandmante in Them Crooked Vultures), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin bassist, who would also go on to complete the Them Crooked Vultures formation) and jazz singer Norah Jones.
    • "DOA" and "Best of You" were released in this album.
  • Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007)
    • Winner of the 2008 Grammy for Best Rock Album, and nominated for Album of the Year in the same year (lost to Herbie Hancock's River: The Joni Letters).
    • Pat Smear makes a guest appearance in this album, playing guitar on "Let It Die".
    • "The Pretender" and "Long Road to Ruin" are from this album.
  • Wasting Light (2011)
    • Pat Smear has rejoined the band in this album (he has not been a member of the band since The Colour and the Shape).
    • Krist Novoselic guests again in this album, on the track "I Should Have Known".
    • "Rope" and "Walk" came from this album.


  • Five Songs and a Cover (2005)
    • EP released exclusively on Best Buy retail stores.
  • Skin and Bones (2006)
    • Live album, recorded in three nights in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Greatest Hits (2009)
    • Compilation album, containing the main 14 singles spanning the band's career until Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, plus two new songs.
    • Both of the new songs, "Wheels" and "Word Forward", are available for download.
  • Medium Rare (2011)
    • Compilation album, consisting of cover songs formerly released as B-sides, one of these being Wings' "Band on the Run".
    • The cover of Cream's "I Feel Free" had previously been released in Five Songs and a Cover.
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