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Enter Sandman
Year 1991
Genre Metal
Language English
Source Rock Band
Release 20 November 2007
Rating RaitingSR.png Supervision Recomm.
Rock Band
Band redReddevil.pngReddevil.pngReddevil.pngReddevil.pngReddevil.png
Basic Pro
Guitar 5Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.png NoNo Part
Bass 5Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.png NoNo Part
Drums 5Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.png 5Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.png
Keys NoNo Part NoNo Part
Vocals 3Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png NoNo Part
Male singer
Guitar solo

Enter Sandman is a song on Rock Band by Metallica. It is considered one of the harder songs in the game, especially on the guitar (it is placed in the 8th tier, 7th on the Wii version). It has a long intro and outro which require a good reach to play the hammer ons, going from the green fret right up a blue and orange fret hammer-on, and back down again. Also, it has a hard solo, with an array of complex hammer-ons and pull-offs and reaches between orange and green. On the bass, is is supposedly one of the hardest songs, placed in the 9th tier (7th for Wii), despite the fact that it has no significantly hard parts. However, during Heavy Intro B, it has green and orange power chords, which is notable since they don't appear on any other bass track (On Rock Band 1. On Rock Band 2 there is a few, notably in the intro of I Was Wrong). On the drums setlist, it is placed in the 8th tier (7th on the Wii version). However, it is relatively easy, mainly due to the slower tempo of this song. For Vocals, it is ranked in the 6th tier (5th on the Wii), but is fairly easy and stays in the same 5-interval range for the majority of the song.


During the intro on Guitar, do not panic at the blue and orange hammer-ons, The speed in this section does not get any faster than 16th notes, so try to stay on beat. To nail those small 'chord snakes' that happen numerous times throughout the song, try sliding your two fingers on red and blue to green and yellow, rather than constantly changing your fingering. This also helps enourmously on 'Before I Forget' on Guitar Hero 3. As for the solo, it is not a really fast solo and if you watch the notes closely you should be able to do it. Of course, if you really have difficulty with it, use the high frets on the Fender Stratocaster if possible to make it easier.


Guitar 5Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.png
Vocals 5Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.png
Drums 5Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.png
Bass 5Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.png
Keys NoNo Part
Pro Guitar NoNo Part
Harmonies NoNo Part
Pro Drums 5Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.png
Pro Bass NoNo Part
Pro Keys NoNo Part
Band redReddevil.pngReddevil.pngReddevil.pngReddevil.pngReddevil.png




Enter Sandman Full Band Expert (rock Band)