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Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory.png
Hybrid Theory
Year 2000
Genre Nu Metal
Language English
Length 3:27
Source Downloadable song
Rating RaitingSR.png Supervision Recomm.
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Basic Pro
Guitar 2Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png NoNo Part
Bass 1Fcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png NoNo Part
Drums 4Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.png 4Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.png
Keys 0UFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png 1Fcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png
Vocals 2Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png 2Fcircle.pngFcircle.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.pngUFCirlce.png
Male singer
2-part harmonies

"Crawling" is a song by Linkin Park

In the video, the girl (Katelyn Rosaasen) is physically abused by her father. At the beginning, we can see all her bruises. Many of the lyrics demonstrate how hard it is to break the cycle of abuse ("These wounds, they will not heal" and "It's haunting, how I can't seem to find myself again, my walls are closing in"), and how self-confidence is crushed. The blue crystal background closes in on her at the beginning of the first chorus - this shows an emotional shell that she has built around her. The thick make-up is like a mask, trying to hide what's going on inside. The septum ring is designed to link with Chester's lip ring. When the girl walks away from her boyfriend, it's because she's too scared to get close to people. This is also true for the high school bathroom scene. When Chester sings, "Against my will I stand beside my own reflection," he and Katelyn are looking at each other. She looks like she wants to get out of the shell she's in. She also sees painful memories from her past in the crystal. When the second chorus starts, the crystal begins to break and chunks of it are flying about - this is her shell falling down. It represents her father's departure, as does her smiling at the end with the roses in the vase. She's not wearing the thick make-up because she doesn't feel like she needs the protection of a mask - she's got nothing to hide from.

A lot of what Chester is singing about are side effects of taking methamphetamines - a drug he used throughout his teens. The anxiety, hallucinations and a feeling of things crawling under his skin. (thanks, Abbey - Essex, England, for above for above 2)

This won a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance.

This was the second single off Hybrid Theory, the best selling album of 2001.

The video was nominated for Best Rock video on MTV's Video Music Awards. It lost to Limp Bizkit's "Rollin." (thanks, William - Indiana, IN, for all above)

In the CD booklet, the lyrics "These wounds, they will not heal" were incorrectly written as "Consuming all I feel."

There is a remixed version of this song on Reanimation, their 2002 CD which contained remixes of the songs from Hybrid Theory and a couple of new songs. The remix features Staind's Aaron Lewis on vocals. (thanks, Nick - Paramus, NJ, for above 2)

Chester Bennington in Rolling Stone magazine 2002: "The song is about taking responsibility for your actions. I don't say 'you' at any point. It's about how I'm the reason that I feel this way. There's something inside me that pulls me down."