A broken talky is a phrase in a vocals part designated as a talky that cannot be hit by saying the word as it is said in the song. These talkies do not work because of an error in programming. The effect occurs in many songs, although most of them are DLC. Often, the talky is broken due to a incredibly small, off-sync, or nonexistent timing window.

Examples Edit

A famous example of a 'broken talky' in Rock Band is The 24th phrase (Ow!) in Next To You by the Police. It is very difficult to hit because of an error in programming. However, it is possible, by changing the calibration settings on your TV. About 3:48 into this video ([1]) shows the broken talky being hit by changing the calibration settings.

Another example of a 'broken talky', on Rock Band 2, is the 4th phrase (I'm gonna get ya get ya get ya get ya) of One Way or Another by Blondie. There is no definite way to hit it correctly, but there are numerous videos up on YouTube with suggestions for hitting it. Many people are missing a FGFC (full game full combo) only because of this song.

A final example of a 'broken talky' in DLC, is The Kill by 30 Seconds To Mars. The 22nd phrase (This is who I really am) is considered a broken talky. The suggested strategy to hit it, is to raise the mic sensitivity setting, and whisper the phrase. The video that made the talky known to the public is Holzy09's video of him score duelling against his sister ([2]) It is notable that both of them miss the broken talky at 2:30. This has prompted many video responses demostrating strategies to hit it.

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