Band World Tour is a mode in Rock Band where you can create a band and play songs in a ton of different places. While it is a lot like the Solo Tour mode, there are tons of differences. The biggest is that you can play multiplayer together, and get graded like in the Solo Tour Mode. You can also get fans by playing well. The better you play, the more fans you get. The Band World Tour also hosts the very challenging Endless Setlist. In the Endless Setlist, the player cannot play on the Easy difficulty. You can play on Medium, Hard, and Expert, but Easy is ruled out, regardless of what instrument you play.

The Endless Setlist Edit

The Endless Setlist is a very challenging mode, available in the Band World Tour mode. The Endless Setlist is actually, NOT endless. It includes absolutely every Normal and Bonus song in the game. You can play the Endless Setlist on Medium, Hard, or Expert, mostly because it follows the rules of the Band World Tour, and Band World Tour doesn't let you play on the Easy difficulty. Upon completing the Endless Setlist, you get an achievement, and your icon gets changed. The change depends on what difficulty you play and beat it on. Beating it on Medium makes your icon invert colors (The instrument becomes black and the background becomes white). Beating it on Hard causes the icon to become golden. The best you can have is a Platinum icon, achieved after beating it on Expert. You get an achievement for playing with a 'Platinum Player'.

Setlist Edit

A setlist is a certain amount of songs you have to play without failing. You must complete the whole setlist to get any fans or money. Even the endless setlist you will have to complete the whole setlist without saving and with no checkpoints. In solo tour there is no setlists. It is five or six songs per city. It is seperated by setlists in only the band world tour. Making a setlist you can choose any song that you have but you have to have a certain number of songs in the setlist and you can't go under the minimum.

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